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Posted By: LilyFestre
14-Aug-06 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Women In The Outdoors
Subject: RE: BS: Women In The Outdoors
I had the kayak out again last night. The water was very calm and animal activity was at a minimum except for the fish who were jumping out of the water all over the place. I did see one heron who scolded me and flew to the other side of the lake. I followed him and took some photos. I'm now taking my regular 35mm camera as the waterproof one doesn't do anything justice, although it does work great for taking close up photos of friends who are kayaking or fishing. I took one photo of the heron as he was flying off, feet just lifting off the water with water drops flying in all directions, wing span full and neck extended all the way out...can't wait to see it developed! On my way back to shore, I was kind of zoning out in the middle of the lake, taking in the beautiful sunset when a big fish jumped out the water directed in front of my kayak. It startled me and I jumped...I think the whole kayak lifted off the water and then I had a good laugh at myself. :)