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Posted By: JohnInKansas
12-Aug-06 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Subject: RE: Winfield (35th Annual) 2006 WVA Festival
Refresh - (mostly)

Status report(?). It appears that my recent set-to with the camper manufacturing industry has borne successful fruit. The Air Conditioner in our new (3+ years ago) camper would "run" at the dealership, but NOT at any hookup I was able to find elsewhere. The AC mfr insisted the selling dealer was responsible while the warranty was good. The warranty expired. I sent "nasty" email to the AC mfr and they replied (big surprise!). They sent a "quick start kit" that I installed, but it didn't help. Next they recommended taking it back to an "authorized service agent" and we found a real dealer.

"Real Authorized Service Shop" asked "how'd you keep from killin' yourself" when they found an internal short (to ground) in the AC compressor assy. My answer: "I jump pretty quick when I get shocked."

AC mfr shipped new unit. Installed for labor cost. I will (apparently) have AIR CONDITIONING in my camper this year (if needed and if I can get an outlet). (And maybe I won't have to shut off the power to service the water tanks as I've been doing for 3 years?)

Local temps have been dropping - down from the daily highs in the 105 F (40.6 C) range a week ago. We haven't been above 98 F (36.7 C) for a few of days now, so it's really getting past AC weather (????). Of course the RH has been close to 80% still, but ....

My plan still is to get to Winfield to wait in line in about a week; but no specific date set firm as yet. Lin will likely remain at home until about 02 SEP when the "formal lineup" starts. That's when the campground music starts for serious.

Now if I can just find my mandolins, basses, whistles, harmonicas, dulcimers, and squeeze boxes and get them all loaded ...