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Posted By: Barry Finn
12-Aug-06 - 01:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: So how about that Connecticut election?
Subject: RE: BS: So how about that Connecticut election?
"No, Kendall, Iraq didn't attack us. But the dictator of Iraq, had he been able to, would, I think have done so"

Hey Doug
Attack us, with what? He could not have attacked us if he were sitting on the White House lawn & he (Saddam) couldn't even
cross the street outside his complex in those 45 seconds to push a button on a crossing light.

"Too bad that so many of my good liberal friends cannot buy into the plan to attack terrorists before they attack us. I assume we are to simply sit back, let them slam us and THEN we fight back."

Tell that to a cop when he asks you way you hit that guy for no reason at all. "I knew he was going to attack me, so I attacked him 1st". "Ok, buddy, let's go downtown".

I'm pleased to see that backed Ned against 'Hoe' Lieberman. is becoming one of the people's gardian angels.