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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
09-Aug-06 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: So how about that Connecticut election?
Subject: RE: BS: So how about that Connecticut election?
In a close race, as the one was with Lamont/Lieberman, one issue can indeed tip the scales. I agree wholeheartedly with unnamed Guest, though. On pretty much every issue that he/she/it raised. There are countless issues that need to be dealt with that neither party is facing. I see the election of Lamont as having national percussions, as well. Maybe the new faces won't be any more effective than the old ones but at least there's some hope. We all (mostly) see what the status quo is doing to this country.

Lamont, by the way spent a lot of time in the black communities and churches. If he'd been REAL smart, he would have had his hair cut in a black barbershop. As it turned out, my wife and I attended a black church in Bridgeport a couple of Sundays ago, and Ned Lamont and his entourage were there. He was scheduled to appear with Rev.s Jesse Jackson and Sharpton at another black church the coming Wednesday, and he was being widely praised by black politicians not only from Connecticut but by a black congresswoman from California.
I could be real cyncial about all this. Cynicism is a piece of cake when it comes to politics and this country. I'd prefer to hope a little.

I liked a lot of what Joe Leiberman did and don't consider him one of the major ills of this country. But people want change. Even if it could be easily argued that it is only the illusion of change.
I'll still opt for hope.