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Posted By: Scoville
03-Aug-06 - 03:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Women In The Outdoors
Subject: RE: BS: Women In The Outdoors
I don't mind the smart ones, even if they ask me something I don't know (I just make mental notes to go look that up for next time).

Know-it-alls are the ones that exasperate me, or the ones that don't know anything but insist on bluffing, or whatever. I'd much rather parents either ask us or say, "I'm not sure but why don't we look it up when we get home?" than make up something or try to put on a show of "besting" me in front of their kids. If *I'm* willing to admit I don't know everything, and I'm the one in costume, then I wish they'd just get over it.

(On a lighter note)

I once stopped at the grocery store on my way home from one of these costume events. I looked up from the frozen foods bin and saw a mom and two little boys who had just spent all day running around with the mountain men, etc. The boys recognized me and were so excited to see that I ate frozen green beans just like they did! (I wonder if they fussed less about eating their vegetables after that. I hope so.)

Oh, and tip for people who play music at these things:
Small children LOVE limberjacks. You can keep a whole troup of Tiger Cubs mesmerized with one little dancing doll.