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Posted By: Kaleea
02-Aug-06 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Women In The Outdoors
Subject: RE: BS: Women In The Outdoors
LilyFestre-are you required to drink the Bourbon outdoors only, or can you drink it inside, say, a cave?

I used to live where I participated, as a Musician in period attire, in a living museum representing life in the 1870's. There are some people who ask unbelievably ridiculous questions, and the inevitable "aren't you hot in all those clothes?" Actually, in correct period attire the layers of cotton help to wick the moisture away from the skin.
I was accustomed to questions such as, "is that a harpsichord?" while I was playing Autoharp, Zither, & a few other instruments.
Or, "How did they learn to play that thing back in the 1800's?" when I was playing pump organ.

Other fun Q's adults asked:

Q: They didn't really have sasparilla (sarsaparilla) back then, did they?
Q: How did the girls go to the bathroom with all those clothes on?

Q: Did they have ice cream back then?

Q: (upon seeing a sign printed in German language) Did they have "nazis" back then?

Q: Do you live in a tipi?   (I was dressed in a period correct 1875 frontier dress, not "indian" attire!)
Q: (person looking around in a farmhouse) Where's the refrigerator?