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Posted By: Slag
30-Jul-06 - 05:14 PM
Thread Name: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
I read the first couple of entries and then made the post above, then I read the rest of the discussions in the thread. It seems to me that a a lot of the disagreement would go away if you all could just agree on the definition of a few terms like "What do you mean by 'icon'?" Some sage once said that in matters of taste and beauty there is no arguement. Another said that opinions are like a certain part of one's anatomy: everybody has one. The big difference would be whether yours is a CONSIDERED opinion. That is stating why you believe someone is an icon or why not. And we do have some considered opinions on either side of Mr. Cash's celebrity/iconic status. All well and good. My next question, why all the animosity? Why the name calling (troll)? It's a valid and interesting topic. The number of responses show that. I 'd like to know more about the man and his music. But, hey, that's just MY opinion!