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Posted By: Arne
19-Jul-06 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: WW3, no sign of any effort to stop it
Subject: RE: BS: WW3, no sign of any effort to stop it

Of course, that should have read, "I too think Israel should GTF out of Lebannon." Sorry for the typo folks!

Made sense to me the first way. I've always said that we could solve a lot of problems had we given the diaspora refugees ten times the land in some western state here in the U.S.; the Middle East is not a particularly hospitable place nowadays (we went through the Sinai last New Years, and it is without doubt a desert).

But there was that "Next year in Jerusalem!" The desire wasn't just for a "homeland", but a particular piece fo godforsaken rock. When religion gets into it, people get a bit crazy, IMNSHO. Trouble here is that three> major religions have their eyes on Jerusalem and vicinity. Jerusalem should be an open, international city, open to all and under U.N. mandate or something. And we should find some place where the people in Israel can find peace that isn't right next to the people they kicked out to get it.

But that's too rational.... <*SIGH*>