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Posted By: Lepus Rex
18-Jul-06 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: WW3, no sign of any effort to stop it
Subject: RE: BS: WW3, no sign of any effort to stop it
"Sand + Heat = Glass"

And thank you, Mr. Dennis Miller! He'll be playing at the Chucklehut in Cleveland all week, ladies and gentlemen, so head on down there to see him! :P

Anyways, no WWIII. Just more of Israel setting itself up for its own unavoidable downfall. The children of those people killed in these attacks (Gaza and Lebanon) won't soon forget who killed their families. They'll make excellent, motivated soldiers one day. The Israeli Jews (and other assorted foreigners) will (inevitably) be outnumbered in "their" own land by the more virile Israeli and Palestinian Arabs, and their numbers will be further decreased my emigration to escape the endless harrassing rocket and bomb attacks of near-invisible enemies. And then they will only be able to pray that those fighting men they've created today will be more compassionate than they themselves were. Whether these fighting men are twenty years old or fifty years old, it doesn't really matter. The foreign colonies in Palestine are doomed, today or tomorrow. Sucks to be a colonist, I guess.

---Lepus Rex