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Posted By: Little Hawk
18-Jul-06 - 02:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Subject: RE: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
There are some bigots and soreheads in every population, Troll. (grin) As I'm sure you are aware....

Some Quebequois are dogmatic on the subject of language, no doubt. Many others are not. Canada remains a multicultural society despite the presence of such inflexible people.

The fact that you are Jewish clearly plays a strong role in your sense of "being threatened". I understand that. If you had been born into a Muslim culture, if you were a Palestinian, then you'd be arguing from the opposite side of the coin, no doubt, and telling me (or someone) about all the horrible things the Israelis have done to YOUR people (which they have indeed)...and you'd be whitewashing all the attacks on Israelis as a legitimate defence of YOUR people against attacks by the Israelis.

In other words, you can only look at an issue from the point of view of YOUR people. That's the problem. Until people can transcend their petty tribal consciousness and be willing to walk in the other guy's shoes, not one of these bitter quarrels will ever end, and no one will score the decisive victory they seek.

If you could forget for one minute that you ARE a Jew....if Osama could forget for one minute that he IS a Muslim...and both just be "human" instead.......but I guess that's a leap that you don't find feasible, eh?

I can forget that I'm a Canadian, and just be human. No big deal. I can forget that I'm white and just be human. I don't feel bound to any religious tradition in particular or any racial profile, and I respect all of them.

What's so damn hard about doing that? That is all people have to do to end these useless wars and confrontations. Try it sometime. Instead of going on and on and on about how awful the "other guy" is, why not try and change yourself? Peace begins with you, not the other guy. People who aren't willing to change themselves have absolutely no business trying to change anyone else, nor any business pretending they are better than anybody else.

You're right, the Children of Israel didn't try to "convert" the "heathens" in the "Promised Land"...they just slaughtered them, man, woman, and child!

Gosh. I think maybe I would prefer people who try to convert, given the choice. It leaves some hope of survival for the invaded. (there's some sarcasm for you...)

How in God's name would you expect "Islamo-fascists" to take over North America??????????? It's about as unlikely as the Jehovah's Witnesses taking over Russia or koala bears taking over Antarctica, if you ask me. Heh! Yes, I regard your paranoia about them as exagerrated and totally out of context. Bizarre, in fact.

The USA has by far the largest military power in the World, and financial power to boot. The USA invades and occupies other countries at will. Israel invades and occupies other countries. They both have military superiority of a vast level over their opponents. Can you understand why their chosen targets have far more reason for paranoia than you do?

No? Well, maybe you need to be born as a Muslim, and you'd have a whole new fresh take on the situation. Then YOU would find out what it's like to be among the weakly armed, the poorly organized, and the easily massacred....under the guns and jet planes of America and Israel. You would learn the true meaning of paranoia, defeat, humiliation, and powerlessness. You might even volunteer to serve in the next suicide mission. I wouldn't be all that surprised.