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Posted By: Little Hawk
17-Jul-06 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Subject: RE: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Troll, I don't like Islamic fundamentalism (or Christian fundamentalism either) any better than you do. But, unlike you, I do not fear it or feel obliged to live by the credo..."my culture is gonna be the one that comes out on top".

That's a stupid credo. It's a fascist credo. It's a credo that matches the worst among Islamic fundamentalists, and as I said before, that's why you dislike and fear them so much...they remind you of yourself.

I live in a country that is based on the ideal of multi-culturalism, not "my culture comes out on top". I feel enriched by the presence of many cultures here in Canada and I am not the least bit interested in going off on a holy war to defend "my culture" against someone else's culture.

That is thinking that is at least a century out of date as far as I'm concerned.

Do you think Israelis are any less arrogant or less supremacist about their culture than the Muslims who are fighting them? They're both guilty of the same sins: pride and intolerance.

I see no reason to play favorites between them. If the Islamic people had military supremacy, as Israel does, they would attack with jet bombers and tanks the way the Israelis do, not with suicide bombers and rockets, and the Israelis would be the ones doing the guerrilla fighting. That's how it works. The well-armed strike openly with high tech weapons. The poorly armed strike from the shadows, by stealth. It's always been that way.

I don't see Zionist fanatics any differently than I see Islamic fanatics. They are both hellbent on destruction, they both think God is on their side, they both consider their opponents to be "bad people who deserve no mercy" and they're both dead wrong. As I've said before, they appear to deserve each other....but the wretched civilians who get in the way don't deserve either one of them.

I'm not impressed by your paranoia about Islamic fundamentalism being a threat to the world. It wouldn't be a threat at all, had the USA not promoted and organized Islamic fundamentalists to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 80's, had not the USA trained them, had not the USA armed them, had not the USA persecuted the nation of Iran ever since the 1950's, and had not the USA contributed to the de-stabilization and ruination of many Islamic societies in the Middle East and aided and abetted corrupt monarchies like the Saudis for control of the oil.

It is the USA's policies and those of Israel which have produced this virulent outbreak of radical Islamic fervour worldwide, and which are continuing to do so. The USA has sewn the wind...and you are now complaining because the whirlwind rebounded upon the USA. Tough. It's like Hitler complaining in 1944...."Nobody likes me!"

Well, yeah. People don't like liars who go around conquering the world and bombing the hell out of anyone who resists.