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Posted By: Susu's Hubby
16-Jul-06 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Subject: RE: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
"Back in April, the president said this:

"America will continue the fight for freedom until no vestige of resistance remains. We are deeply conscious of the fact that much hard fighting is still ahead of us. Having to pay such a heavy price to make complete victory certain, America will never become a party to any plan for partial victory. To settle for merely another temporary respite would surely jeopardize the future security of the world. Our demand has been, and it remains, unconditional surrender.""

This was the quote from the post above.

This was said by the president on April 16.........1945 and the president then was Truman. But I think the thing that bothers left wingers about it the most is that is sounds exactly like what Bush has been saying and doing.

What is different today that was not the case back then? Then it was the Nazi's and the Japanese imperialists joined by the Italian Fascist. Now it's the Islamic Fundamentalists. World War 2 was, by no means, a "clean war". Even after victory was acheived, there were still pockets of resistance driven by the hard liners or "guerillas". Those people were eventually outed and taken care of.

But now, what we're looking at is people not in uniform clothing but wacko's in uniform thinking. But they're being backed by the same style governments as what was the problem in the late thirties and early to mid forties. Fascist dictatorships.

But recently, all the left in the country is offering their cut-and-run strategy because we're suffering losses. It's as if you're saying, "Ooh....we've lost 3000+ people in a terrorist attack on one day so we better not do anything else to piss them off or we might lose more." Or better yet, "If we were just nice to them and offered them food and medicine and technology to better themselves then they won't attack us."

That is a very flawed line of thinking. I'm not saying that it's bad but at the very least, flawed. In fact, it's a very noble thing to wish and hope for but if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, you can bet that it's going to be a duck. That's been proven by what's going on in North Korea.

In the mid to late nineties, the US government met with NK and offered to share our nuclear technology with them to help them better themselves. Now, the idiot over there is flinging missiles towards Japan and Hawaii and threatening us with the same technology that we gave him so that he could help his people. Talk about a bad idea!

I'd like to offer another scenario. This time it involves you and your family.

Suppose that on the same block you live on, there is a family of gangsters. The police won't do anything because the family has yet to do anything that will get them in trouble. But since you know that for them to be charged with something such as murder or stealing, that means that they have to commit the crime first. You value your family and the things that you have amassed for your family. You do not want anything to happen to either one of them. But you start to hear through your neighbors that the gangster family is making preparations to either steal something or is threatening you or one of your children with their life just because you have something that they don't and they want it. What do you do?

1. You could go to the authorities but again, if they have not done anything that is against the law, nothing can be done. You can't say, "well my neighbor said this". That would be hearsay.

2. You could move. But then you'd have to sell your house and buy another one, move all your stuff, move your kids to another school and all the crap that goes on with that.

3. You could approach the family and ask them what their intensions are. They could say "no...of course not. We would never dream of doing that". And you could believe them if it wasn't for the fact that they're gangsters. Or they could say....yeah sure....we're just waiting for the right moment to make our move". But they've still done nothing wrong.

Where does that leave you? With no choice but either number 2 until the next gangster family comes along or the option of number 4. What's number 4?

4. Start preparing for the incident. Buy guns, locks, knives or whatever you have to to make sure that you have the upper hand. When you see them coming, let them have it. Don't let anything happen to your family or your possessions. Take care of the problem so the courts won't have to.

I know what I'd do. I know what I have done to prepare for that moment. #4

This is what the policy is. When you know that they're coming for you, hit them hard and hit them first.

Unfortunately, Israel hasn't had the option to hit first. They've already been hit. But the thing is that they're hitting back hard and decisive. They're forcing the issue of "You're either with us or with the terrorists". Lebanon has stated that they will send their military to the south to protect the Lebanese-Israeli border.

The same with us. We were hit over and over again in the 80's and 90's. Then came 2001. We were hit again. But that time we hit back hard and decisive. Then we kept going. We will keep going. And each time that the gangster family gears up and comes at us again, we will be there and hit them hard and decisive again and again.

Afterall, we've got to protect our family.