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Posted By: dianavan
16-Jul-06 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Subject: RE: BS: Bush's *Big Stick* Foriegn Policy...
Right, Amos, "It does make a difference to go vote."

Tell that to the people of Florida and Ohio or Palestine or Lebanon or Iraq.

You'll never convince me of that, ever again. I came to Canada because I wanted a voice but in the last election my vote didn't count here, either. I watched a politician take my vote and give it to the opposing party.

The only difference it's going to make is that when Jeb is elected, everyone will stand around with their fingers up their noses and ask, 'What happened?"

No, Amos, North American's are soft. Their values have changed. It used to be we supported freedom and equality. Now we support big business and crooked politicians. Only you and a handful of people even care. The rest of N. America is dumbed-down and over-fed.