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Posted By: Willie-O
12-Jul-06 - 06:19 PM
Thread Name: What's wrong with this song?
Subject: RE: What's wrong with this song?
Texas Guest (long gone though you seem to be), I don't care for your song but I also don't think it's worthwhile to beat up on you for it. Lets remember, emotions ran high at that time and a lot of people said things in the heat of the moment. Reading it back, though, (just as I have years after I wrote something), don't you realize it just ain't a good song?

But it's more than ironic in a historical context, I can understand why the military stations wouldn't play it. It could be seen as a pointed reminder that the military response was COMPLETELY off the mark, whatever you may think of sending the troops into Afghanistan (and I reserved judgment, so grievous was the provocation), the effort was completely wasted in the Tora Bora Hills where they LET BIN LADEN ESCAPE!!!!!! (WTF?) And then went on to a completely loony and unrelated catastrophe in Iraq, while GWB and the Dark Veep tried to pretend there was a connection, because people like you were so in favour of military actions in that general area then they thought they could do anything...

Sorry for all your troubles...