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Posted By: JedMarum
11-Jul-06 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: What's wrong with this song?
Subject: RE: What's wrong with this song?
Come on y'all ... I don;t think this is "trolling" - a lot of folks who wouldn't normally talk 'raghead' sort of language suddenly felt the urge to do so, right after 911.

In this song; the rhymes are clever, using a well known, well loved tune is a common folk music practice - but the language expresses anger or should I say rage at the "bad guys" in a way that has unintended consequences; ie the labeling of a class of people as bad guys - and does not focus on the adversaries within that group.

Sometimes when a person is wronged, that person simply wants to lash out at the wrong, and the wrong doer with all the gusto of the moment ... sometimes, calmer heads prevail and strong but fair minded actions can be taken. This song is the 'lashing out' sort of response - a not uncommon action from we human beings.

By the way, I see nothing conservative about this song.