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Posted By: Gary T
10-Jul-06 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: What's wrong with this song?
Subject: RE: What's wrong with this song?
Previous critiques make some good points, probably especially regarding the ten-foot pole remark. I'm going to go a step further. Please forgive me for being blunt.

Everybody and his brother seems to have written a song about 9/11. I know some local songwriters, and many of them did. Song publishers got inundated with submissions. And everyone I talked to or read about felt strongly that their song was really special, and needed to be heard by the world. The main problem, though, is that 99.99% of these songs are crap.

They're trite. They're sappy. They don't say anything that everyone doesn't already know. What they do say isn't said in any particularly compelling or engaging fashion. They don't have any significant musical or emotional hook. They don't offer any remarkable insight or grab-you-by-the-heart expression.

They're just a variation on someone blabbering at a bar, not having anything to say that makes a difference to anyone, but feeling like they've just got to say it anyway. And say it poorly, at that. While the inebriated say "yeah" and "right on," the sober are thinking "how tedious" and "please deliver me."

I'm sorry to say that I see this song as right in there with the ones I just described. Making matters worse, I think the character of the tune is out of step with the feeling of the message. The whole thing strikes me as amateurish and clumsy. I don't see anything there that answers the question in a radio programmer's mind, "Why should I put this on the air?"

The criterion needs to be above "it's not that bad." I suggest it should be "it's (at least in some way) great."