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09-Jul-06 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: What's wrong with this song?
Subject: What's wrong with this song?
Mudcatters, curiosity has gotten the better of me here and I'd like some opinion. Although I do make my living singing songs, I am not
much of a song writer - I lose coffeehouse gigs left and right because I don't do my own material. With that knowledge, shortly after the bombing of 9/11, I, like most Americans was very angry and
did, in fact, support going over to Afghanistan to do a little damage - hell, do a lot of damage. In that light I wrote the tune below on a suggestion from a pub patron one night back in 2001 who heard me do the "Battle Of New Orleans."

Well, I took the melody from the "B of N.O." ("January 8th")wrote some words and recorded it on a single disc; but, I couln't get anyone to air it - even in nacho-macho Texas. I could't get pop stations to play it, I couldn't get country stations to play it, or NPR to play it; hell, I even had a soldier from down in Fort Hood take it to the military broadcasters and they wouldn't play it.

The lady in charge of programming at the Dallas/Ft. Worth NPR station said she wouldn't touch it with the proverbial "ten-foot pole." (Why she brought the Poles into it I'll never know!) The song is certainly not a great work of art, but I don't think it's that bad either; and, I don't see it as being "too politically incorrect."

Just for the record, I haven't done the song in over three years and I only bring it up here because I came across a few left-over copies in a box out in the garage and that set me to thinking. Again, it's the same melody as, "Battle Of New Orleans." Hey, have some fun.

                THE BATTLE OF 2001

So now everybody knows what our enemies have done
Just like December 7th back in 1941
They took us by surprise like so many years ago
Now they scatter like wild hare headed for a hole

We're fire-in' our guns gonna get Bin Laden
Al-Quada and the Talaban wherever they go
If it takes ten years till we get the lot of 'em
Time don't matter it's to hell they're gonna go

Well they took four planes then to do their dirty deed
Under false religious veils for to cover up their greed
Crashing walls left pain and a scar upon our land
So we're headed over seas, we're gonna' Drop-bomb-istan


They can run to the hills they can run to the mountains
They can hide all night / they can hide all day
But when it's over and done all the cheerin' and shoutin'
Will be done by the forces of the USA

Now they're hidin' in the mountains using every hole and cave
Like the dirty rats they are till we stick 'em in a grave
Sure we'll find those devils with the towels around their heads
Gonna' tear 'em all to pieces make 'em little towelettes!