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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
28-Jun-06 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
Subject: RE: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
Yesterday morning, my wife and I were taking our morning walk by the river when I saw a man leaning on the fence, writing something on a note pad. As he approached us, I smiled at him and he stopped and said, "Do you see that Great Blue Heron over there?" He was very excited to add it to his list of birds he'd seen. And I could understand that. I told him that many years ago, I used to teach a bird class for adults. I still enjoy pointing out birds to my wife, although she really isn't all that interested. On the book case shelf next to our Great Room table, I still have my Peterson's Field Guide and in the front of the book is a list of all the birds I've seen. At one time, that was important to me. Reading this thread (which I've enjoyed and contributed to) it reminded me of my bird watching days and that list. This is a Mudcat check list of all the rare birds we've seen. I suppose if I did a thread it would be a little different. It would be a short list of the people who I've met on Mudcat but never in person, who I feel that I know as friends.
Not being particularly good at remembering names to begin with and not being in the Mudcat spotter frame of mind, I'm afraid that there are wonderful Catters I've met and said hello to, fleetingly whose names I either never knew, or have forgotten.

And then there are the people who have become real to me on here... Elmer Fudd (my kind of guy,) jimmyt (who I did have the pleasure to meet, with his wonderful wife after I'd already gotten to know him in the chat room... and defending him as one of our resident Republicans) freda Underhill, Peace, Jeanie, Sian, KT, Sorcha, Leadfingers (who I did get to meet last year,) ebbie, Ron Davies... the list goes on. It's actually a much longer list than the one of people I've actually met. There are many others who I know I will overlook, so I'll stop here.

To me, the "list" of people I've come to know and enjoy as friends on the Cat, who I've never "met" in person is far more important than those I have met fleetingly and haven't had the pleasure to get to know..

Now if someday I could get to know all the people on my list of people I've "met," I'd be mighty happy. What a pleasure it would be to sit down with Bill D or Ron Davies... or, or, or...

That's something great to look forward to.