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Posted By: Genie
28-Jun-06 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
Subject: RE: BS: Name the Mudcatters You Have Met
Let's see.
From the Seattle area I have met Don Firth, John Ross, Stewart, Deckman, Mike Nelson, Reggie Miles, John P. and Jean Lemley (sp?) - whose mudcat name I'm drawing a blank on. Then there's MAG from Walla Walla and Mary Garvey from Long Beach. (And I know I'm forgetting a few.)

From Portland area I know David Ingerson Barb Mulligan and I think some others whose names aren't coming to me right now. (Sometimes it's hard to remember who's Mudcat and who's not.)
Charley Noble visited us in Portland a couple years ago too, plus he and his wife did a house concert at Stewart's last year.

In San Diego, I know the Banjoest and Amos, and I met Naemonson at a Balboa Park jam there too.

At NW Folklife I've also met John Bartlett and Art Brooks plus a woman from BC whose name is escaping me right now too. (She came to Singtime Frolics in Oregon about 3 years ago.)

I met Francy - Frank Jones and his wife, Nancy - via Singtime, too, and have participated in their Folk Festival in Toledo, OR.

At JenEllen's Mudcat gathering in 2002 I met Amergin (who lives near Portland), RangerRoger, MudJack, Mousethief (and MAG). (Am I forgetting anyone?)

And Marion came through here and did some jamming with us when she was busking around the country.

I'm sure I'll think of more later.