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Posted By: Dr.Sound
09-Feb-00 - 10:10 PM
Thread Name: What is improvisation ?
Subject: RE: What is improvisation ?
Feeling is the key to the process.

Think about tuning a guitar string sometimes you can get it so close that you can't really tell if it is flat or sharp but you know it isn't right cause it just doesn't feel right.

I think we use these same sensetivities when we play music especially when we are improvising.

The more we exercise these senses, the better we get at improvising.

The more slack we cut ourselves the easier it is for us to learn from "sounds that we might have prefered other places". This the term that I use for what some folds might call "mistakes".

cringing from "mistakes" makes it impossible for you to really hear where you went and where you lmight go from there.