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Posted By: katlaughing
13-Jun-06 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: I met a real war hero
Subject: RE: BS: I met a real war hero
Thanks for the poems, Mr. Fox, esp. the Kipling.

Peter, as always, so well-put.

Barry, you, too. I agree. The asshole in the White House was raised to believe in Blood for Oil and is being quite blatant about it, as ever:

CAMP DAVID, MD. - President Bush said Monday that rejuvenating Iraq's battered oil industry would be key to reuniting the country and helping Iraqis gain full autonomy.

"My own view is that the (Iraqi) government ought to use the oil as a way to unite the country and ought to think about having, you know, a tangible fund for the people so the people have faith in the central government," said Bush, a former Texas oilman.

The irony and his lack of the knowledge of it, leaves me almost speechless.

I DID see a sign of hope, yesterday, in my GOP-dominated part of CO. Somebody, probably a college student, spray-painted a stop sign to read "Stop War." Took me back a few years and is a HUGE statement in our community.