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Posted By: Barry Finn
13-Jun-06 - 03:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: I met a real war hero
Subject: RE: BS: I met a real war hero
My father nearly died at Guadacanal. He came home a junkie from being over medicated from near fatal wounds he also came home with a bunch of useless medals that he never cared about. He also marched against the Viet Nam war & hated the same waste & killing. My brother came home from Viet Nam he was a seal on a sub & one of the wasted. He never got over loosing all his sub-school mates in the Scorpion. I go by the VA in Boston once & a while & nearly cry looking at the homeless Nam vets that hang around the area, never came home "right". This nation has a lot of vets that never came home right sleeping in parks, residing in homeless shelters, begging for spare change. Then there are those that are now long gone, the many that came home, the breathing dead waited to die, the drunks, the junkies & the ones that died in prisons. Most never even knew why, some no longer cared why, all for nothing. Were they all heros or was it a total loss? A generation of losses.

This will be our new Viet Nam the next sad generation of returning vets, this will be our future for the next 30 years. Is WHAT worth it? What do you call a hero when they've died for nothing, why hold a parade when there's no pride in what's not been gained.

There are no more parades!!