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Posted By: Rapparee
10-Jun-06 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: I met a real war hero
Subject: RE: BS: I met a real war hero
My family, according to tradition, left the Electorate of Hanover to avoid forced military service. We have since served in every war or fight the US has been involved in since the set-to with Blackhawk in 1832. Mexico, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American, Philipine Insurrection, Nicaragua several times, WW2, Korea, Lebanon (twice), Vietnam, Gulf 1, Iraq, Afghanistan, and times in between.... Heck, one ancestor rode with Pershing against Pancho Villa.

They served, they came back, and while the vets talked about it among themselves they didn't talk about it otherwise. Except to give advice to the youngsters who might be going in: Keep your head down, don't be hero, do your best, don't be a hero, don't volunteer, DON'T BE A F*****G HERO, GODDAMNIT!! No attempt to dissuade enlistment, but no encouragement either.

One of my Civil War ancestors was, among others, at Shiloh, Atlanta, and made the March To The Sea. We only found out about by checking on his unit during the time he was enlisted. He came back and continued being a welldigger.