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Posted By: akenaton
10-Jun-06 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: I met a real war hero
Subject: RE: BS: I met a real war hero
My Grandfather was a fine man, he fought in France in W W 1.
He and his four boyhood friends joined the Black Watch at the outbreak of war. He saw three of his friends killed beside him and the forth, his best pal, blinded and minus a leg.

My grandfather was very lucky and made it to the end of the war in one piece, but some of the horrors he witnessed changed him forever.

He saw men shot by their own officers, men too terrified to crawl over the top to certain death.
He heard men scream for hours as they lay wounded in a shell hole that was slowly filling with muddy water.
He came to realise that he and his friends...and all the other young men who had come to France on an "Exciting adventure" were less than nothing to the generals and politicians who were in charge.

Grandfather married on his return and he and grandmother had a family of eight children, four girls and four boys.
In the mid thirties he could see the war machine being primed up in Germany assisted by business interests in America and Britain....he knew it was only a matter of time and made sure that his boys were employed in what were to be reserved occupations.
Since my grandfathers experiences in France our family has been firmly anti-war...and more importantly the reasons why war is encouraged or allowed to happen.

Now thats a REAL war hero....Ake