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Posted By: LadyJean
10-Jun-06 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
Subject: RE: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
I think La Coulter may have shot herself in the foot this time. Our Amercian libel laws (God bless them and keep them forever!) tend to be weighted more towards the right to free speech than protecting someone's reputation. This being said: I think the ladies of East Brunswick have a good case if they want to sue Gentle Annie.
Her comments concerning their marriages and their characters are libelous, no question. I'm sure the good ladies could find themselves a good lawyer. I'm sure they're getting offers now. Coulter's only defense would be that the women are public figures. American libel laws offer less protection to people considered public figures ie. politicians, celebrities, television personalities.
Of course a public figure CAN sue for libel and win. Carol Burnett did.
So, Third Reich Barbie may find herself in court.
Meanwhile, if you want to have some fun, get a friend and head out to one of the big chain bookstores. Pick out a collection of books, anything but Coulter's, the pricier the better, bring them to the check out, but, just as you're about to be rung up, your friend comes up and says, "They have Anne Coulter's terrible book here." Then you say, "Oh No! If they're selling that piece of trash, I can't shop here!" and leave the books at the counter.
Gay activists did something similar back when Anita Bryant, the queen of Homophobia, was pushing Florida Orange juice.
Speaking of Juice, I don't think poor old O.J. would stand a chance against Ms. Coulter.