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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
08-Jun-06 - 08:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
Subject: RE: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
Kat, I did not mean to say that you were ADVOCATING blacklisting, but I was trying to say that your suggestion that the media ignore her is a subtle form of blacklisting. When we try to influence the media by telling them what they can and can't air, we end up doing the same thing that all the bookburners and people who don't want to see Catcher in their library try to accomplish. Why should any of us have the power to tell the media what to do?   Almost too quietly, the FCC was handed the power to increase fines tenfold. I don't think anyone realizes how dangerous this can be. While I know you did not mean it, I truly feel that your suggestion leads us in a dangerous direction.

I guess we will have to disagree.

Actually, the only way to truly influence the media is by action. Ann Coulter sells. People buy her crap. The media picks up on it. IF people stopped reading her swill, the media would drop her like yesterdays sushi.