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Posted By: Alba
07-Jun-06 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
Subject: RE: BS: Ann Coulter scrapes bottom
Coulter is a NOTHING
Trades Morals and decency for the Almighty...............Dollar.
The Rage that inhabits that distorted body is way to large for the Vessel in which it resides.
This excuse for a Woman wouldn't know Spiritual, Family, Conservative, Liberal or Human Values if any of them bit her on her sad ass. (if she had enough skin on her ass that is to be able to grab a bite out of)
The very best thing that this waste of oxygen could do for this Country and the 'Republican Party' is #1. Eat something ( this may improve her mood) and #2. Have no more plastic work done... (her top lip has stopped moving lately which is a sign that says...enough)... unless of course the next session with her plastic surgeon involves the sewing up of her Mouth and the removal of her fingers leaving her unable to speak or type another Hate Rag but perhaps the most inportant of all is #3. Just say NO to Crack AC. (I really do wonder if some mind altering substance is the cause of her distorted views!)
This time this eegit has gone below and beyond shock tactics for attention.
Her latest outburst of verbal diarrhea that has exploded from that foul Mouth is ... Raw Sewage.
AC is a hate filled, raging , so far right she has fallen off the table, NUTTER... a person in need of medical attention.
Anyway enough already with the Compliments.

As a Glasgow Biker Pal of mine would say if he read the latest AC insight "Yi jist widnae get tired kicking that arsehole up and doon the road awe night wi a pair a steel toe cap Boots oon wid yi?" (the remark is tongue and cheek and is only meant to verbally illustrate the contempt felt for certain socially challenged people)