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Posted By: wysiwyg
09-Feb-00 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: Help: Update on 'Rise up Singing' 2000
Subject: RE: Help: Update on 'Rise up Singing' 2000
Been looking for the songbooks mentioned, can you provide publisher info so I can order?

Our group seems to attract more players than singers, except when the nursiong homes, etc. call us to come over, then we use a binder of accumulated strange stuff. I am very careful never to copy a large amount out of any one source nor a large amount of any one song, bnecause we use them more for the small number of us who comne regularly and we regulars buy the books. I feel like we support the songbooks by each of us being avid purchasers of anything with what looks like good new material or good traditional material with arrangements we may not have had.

We aren't big enough or in a good enough local economy to get books funded, except hymnals, etc. thru the church's music budget. No one seems to have the will or energy to do a fundraiser or the heart to charge for our house calls. It's more a ministry and a fellowship with us, I think.