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Posted By: Tannywheeler
01-Jun-06 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: I'm Rubber . You're Glue: Children's Rhymes
Subject: RE: I'm Rubber. You're Glue: Children's Rhymes
Az, the one that starts "Great big gobs of..." --the way I remember the next line is "Mutilated monkey meat..."
I heard this one said a few times when a kid(late '40s, early '50s), but it made me nauseous and never could bring myself to repeat it, so don't remember the whole thing.

This is one my kids started bringing home from public school in the mid '70s. It is a song--verses have an A section, and B section. It goes A, B, A, B, B. The school my kids attended was multi-racial--some white, some black, some Hispanic, a few Asian. Don't know which group originated it, but my guess as to time is 20thcent. as it refers to national brand names, billboards, sidewalks.

A)"As I was walking down the street a billboard caught my eye.
   The advertisements written there would make you laugh and
   The signs were torn & tattered from a storm the night before--
   And as I gazed upon it, this is what I saw:"
B)"Smoke Coca-cola cigarettes. Chew Wrigley's spearmint beer.
   Ken-L Ration dog food makes your wife's complexion clear.
   Simoniz your baby with Hershey's candy bars.
   Crystal Drano makes the difference in all the movie stars!"
A)"When I recovered from my shock I went upon my way.
   I'd gone no farther than a block when there, to my dismay,
   Another billboard caught my eye & like the one before--
   The wind & rain had done its work and this is what I saw:"
B)"Take your next vacation in your brand new Frigidaire.
   Learn to play piano in your winter underwear.
   Chew chocolate-covered mothballs--they always satisfy.
   Brush your teeth with Lifebuoy Soap and watch the suds
       flow by."
B)"Doctors prove that babies shouldn't smoke 'til after 3.
   People over 35 take baths in Lipton Tea.
   You can make this country a better place today;
   Just buy a record of this song and THROW IT FAR AWAY!!!"
We all had this song down pat before my oldest turned 11, which makes it about 1977. The kids, of course, had it almost immediately. My husband and I had to keep asking for their help, but finally stopped needing that.      Tw