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Posted By: Barry Finn
26-May-06 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Winning a War vs. Winning a Peace
Subject: RE: BS: Winning a War vs. Winning a Peace
Hi Ebbie
The mainstream media went with the patriot claptrap & ran with it like a dog with a bone. The Media & the people that reported & rode this wave now have absolutely no credibility now & most don't have it in them to admit how wrong they were. Had they reported what they saw & knew & not tried to blindside the world's vision most would still be reading & believing what they print & telecast today. The media & the government went to bed with each other on this war. They invented the blog, they rose the aweareness of those who wanted the truth to seek out the news worldwide, they were the direct cause of the untrust that has arisen & to hell with them both for all the rest. They were at fault & it'll be generations before we'll heel. This was the same thing that happened in Viet Nam, I remember it, I lived through it & I cannot forget it because we didn't learn from it, many forgot it as a bad taste in there mouth & thanks for those that saw it coming again. Their persistence in trying to make excuses
only hurts us more & prolongs the agony & worstens the world situation. Until the people actually vote in a huge change or toss them out we'll have to live with them & what they've done all that much longer, they need to be accountable.
Thanks Ebbie for this post