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Posted By: freda underhill
19-May-06 - 07:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Looks like Paul McCartney...
Subject: RE: BS: Looks like Paul McCartney...
Giok & Hrothgar

This humour thing is very complicated - I know that sometimes my Australian sense of irony flys right past people from some other countries (at present I'm staying in austria) and I have to be careful. I noticed on another thread Ebbie commenting about people's dismissive comments of epileptics, voicing her concern at implications that they were mentally ill. I wanted to comment on that thread but didn't - it's a bit like black jokes and Irish or Polish jokes - the attitude of the person commenting rings through.

As the recent purchaser of a new hip, I think Giok is in a good position to make one legged jokes, and i always enjoy his outrageous jokes. I hear many dreadful jokes that I laugh at and find funny. But sometimes there is an element of cruelty or ridicule - whenever a joke moves into ridicule or sadistic enjoyment of someone's hurt, that's when my politically correct hackles rise. In this case, yes, I loved the Beatles and and it seemed too personal.

and BTW, an Irishman came into the pub, and shouted drinks all round because his wife had just given birth to a big, healthy baby boy. The new father was very proud, the baby was a beautiful baby and weighs 25 pounds. Everyone was very impressed (though his wife was still finding it difficult to walk properly) and drinks continued all through the evening.

The next week the man came back again, even happier because the baby had been given a thorough check by the doctor and was doing very well, and was weighed at 17 pounds! The people in the asked why the baby had lost so much weight, if he was doing so well, and the father explained that he had just been circumsized..

freda (running out the door)