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Posted By: The Shambles
10-May-06 - 03:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Shambles, you are not addressing the fact that - according to what Max wrote and that you yourself posted - requiring Member status and allowing NO Guest postings was at one time seriously considered by him. That wasn't Joe talking - it was Max.

And you are not addressing many other facts and issues raised here.

But I did address the fact that Max had said this. You are also being rather selective about what parts of Max's public statements you choose to address or ignore. But perhaps we can agree that whatever he may have said in this post - he has not given any public indication that intends to change the open public invitation to our forum?

So we can only guess at what Max's reaction may be to what he may see as the Chief of the Mudcat Editing Teams public attempt to force his hand Proposal for members only posting of BS. And to the resulting state of limbo.......As there was NOT an overwhelming clamour from our forum in favour of this latest restriction proposed by the current Chief of the Mudcat Editing Team.

As Music posts by Guests to be reviewed (2) has not been closed - perhaps the Chief of the Mudcat Editing Team is keeping that one open in the expectation of annoucing in it that Max has now agreed to his proposal? Perhaps now, Max has no option but to agree?

What do you think?