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Posted By: catspaw49
09-May-06 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Oh it was a compliment Roger.....You have this remarkable ability to take any statement and turn it to your purpose and then turn it completely round to suit a different purpose completely contradictory to the first. That is no mean feat!

And yeah, I live here in hogland, a major pork producing state and the home of several breeds, especially the "Poland China." The Hog Barn at the county and state fairs is always a major attraction, second only to the Dairy barn and the giant butter sculptures. It was at our local county fair about 15 years ago where there was this old farmer who had gotten his 15 minutes of fame on David Letterman with the world's largest hog. He was there walking "Chief" around outside the pig barn and giving autographs and photo opps. Chief had the biggest balls I have ever seen on a a rugby ball/American football......huge Man!

So Karen and I walk up among the circle of people looking at Chief and as soon as the damn hog looks at me, he heads my way with his snout heading right for MY balls!!! I do the back stepp and try to get Farmer Fred's attention and he slowly turns saying, "C'meer Chief....C'meer Chief" I laugh nervously, Karen cracks up, and the crowd laughs too. Farmer Brown finally gets Chief headed the other way and we wander off making jokes about the hog's sexual orientation.

A bit later we see Chief again and sure enough he heads right towards me and we move on down the line to look at the quilts, giant pumpkins, and to dine on French Fried Pickles and Funnel Cakes. After negotiating the Midway and petting the goats, we emerged from the goat barn and once again saw Chief about 50 foot away. Sure enough, came right for me.....Big pig was queer for me!!!

I read Chief had died a few months later and I always figured it was of a broken heart.