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Posted By: The Shambles
09-May-06 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Impressive as the balls on a 5 year old hog........

I'll take that as a compliment from one who would seem to spend a lot of time studying pig's testicles - and who tends to post like an expert on that subject.........

[PM] Max another one lost (57* d) RE: another one lost 18 Sep 00

In Life and On Mudcat:
...You have control of your environment and your actions. You can choose to get and take and give what you want and refuse the rest.
...You may think that you, just one person, could not change this world when in fact you might.
...All we can really do is show by example.
...Create WHAT IS with our collective desires, passions, beliefs, personalities, etc. Life is what you make it. (and without The Big Guy's help the Mudcat sure is what we make it!)
Members come and go, we have to deal with that, but now we're scaring away the new folks. Lets get some love in the air! huh folks? Take that energy that you waste on complaining and spread some joy, kind words, and music threads for GOD'S sake.