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Posted By: GUEST
09-May-06 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Shambles you are a moron and someone should delete you...permanently. There is no such thing as censorship on a privately owned site. The owner or his designees have 100% of the power to mold the site into what they want it to be. They can cut out all comments on any subject, by any poster,etc. for whatever reason they want and that is fine because it is the owner's site and not your or mine. If someone is not happy then that person can open their own version of Mudcat.   Why don't you leave and do that Shambles? You contribute absolutely nothing with all of your repititious rants. Start your own site and say whatever you want and then edit out all those who don't agree with you. It will make you happy and it will probably make a lot of other people happy. You can even block all responses from Martin Gibson if you so desire.