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Posted By: jonm
08-May-06 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
Subject: RE: BS: Good ways of 'cramming' for an exam?
First off, eliminate all the questions you already know the answers to - don't waste time, save them for the run-through of all 76 at the last possible minute.

If you can break each remaining question down into a fundamental distinguishing characteristic, such as a word which only appears once, then establish the fundamental element which makes the correct answer unique, then there is less recall required. It is essential that you are clear on the ones you do understand and have eliminated; not only does it reduce the number of key words or phrases to memorise, it also means you can use some words or phrases which are duplicated in problems you know you can solve.

For example, there may be only one question with the word "frequency" in it, to which the answer might be "amplitude." Better to remember the answer, not its letter, in case they change them around. How you then memorise the link between these two words is up to you - some people make a rhyme, or remember a pattern of words to a common melody (you know if you're wrong, because it no longer scans), or perhaps create a mnemonic of first letters of key words.

Some people find associating pictures works well, it's a technique I use to get verses of long songs in the right order. Using the above example, for frequency you could imagine a radio and for amplitude a wave on the sea. Now picture a radio floating on the ocean, and the link will hopefully stay in your mind.

The teacher in me feels obliged to point out that learning the material properly and well in advance is the optimum technique, but I hope this helps.