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Posted By: Grab
05-May-06 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: RE: BS: Where are we now?
In fact, my son believes that we should be there and knows why we should be there doing what we are doing.

Does that mean all those posters saying "Are you in a 9/11 state of mind?"

If he truly believes that he's going over there to do the best for the people of Iraq, then full marks to him. But if he thinks he's over there to chase al-Qaeda, then he's been conned.

That's what many of us are unhappy about. Take on Saddam for being an evil murdering bastard - that's just fine with me. But to lie about the reasons for going in there (WMD and al-Qaeda links, in case you'd forgotten, both of which were proved to be false, and both of which the administrations of the US and UK were proved to know were false), that's bullshit. And to go in there with no plan of how to rebuild the country afterwards, well that's just criminal. If you think Bush and co had a plan for rebuilding Iraq afterwards, I suggest you check any news article on the subject (even Fox) and think again.

And by the same token, if the US wants to be the global policeman then that's fine by me. If the UK wants to help out, that's also fine. But policemen are bound by laws (Miranda in the US), which they're not allowed to break either. That means the Global Policeman needs to follow the Geneva Convention to the letter. Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and "extraordinary rendition" make it pretty damn clear that ain't happening. If the "policeman" doesn't follow the law, then they're not a policeman, they're just another criminal bully.

(You think everyone in Guantanamo Bay was there for a good reason, then remember the four Brits who were held for 3 years without trial, of which two had never even been to Afghanistan.)

Oil and gas, market forces is fine. But do you want those market forces to shit all over the environment? Check out Bush's actions in sanctioning drilling in Alaska. Think that's going to be run extra-carefully so there's no spills? Think again - there's *already* been spills around ultra-sensitive caribou breeding grounds, and we're not even two years into it. Maybe you don't think it matters that animals get driven to extinction to let you drive your car, but the rest of the world begs to differ.

Then there's global warming, Kyoto and generally any failure to do anything about a problem that's staring America in the face. When it gets to the point where individual states are issuing laws *countermanding* the laws issued by federal government, then things are getting pretty damn sick.