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Posted By: Barry Finn
05-May-06 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: RE: BS: Where are we now?
Any kid at the young age of 17 should be looking at a college or university to continue to educate themselves, not entering a frat house for the "DUMBED DOWN". In a house hold where the son's father figure supports armed aggression & blind patriotism & where following the dictated government/military norms are the standards (without question)to follow without any educated (at 17 how can you say he's educated) reasoning, it's a logical choice for him to fore go his futher enlightening. God have mercy on you if your son dies needlessly & you realize that you've lead him to an early grave because you didn't raise him to think for himself but to follow,,,,,,,in your foolish, blind footsteps.