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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
04-May-06 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: RE: BS: Where are we now?
"I've been away for a while but pop in from time to time to check out the mood and it has seemed to be business as usual from everyone here."

So, since you are convinced that no-one wants to 'see the light' and be converted to your 'correct' way of thought, why are you wasting your valuable time here, unless you are just trying to feed your martyr complex?


"What matters is that they are breaking the law that currently exists and they must be caught and punished."

I agree totally and the simple answer to that IS

"if the government would just enforce the laws that are on the books then the issue wouldn't be what it is now."


"The U.S. can't make illegal immigrants legal without paying them the same wages that U.S. citizens are entitled to. "

Of course it can - just make slavery legal again... the US has said 'sod off' to the UN and their human rights nonsense, so what's the problem?

"Oil and Gas prices"

To achieve enlightenment about the long term matter of fossil fuel resources, go suck on an empty straw. :-)

"Upcoming elections"

"The days are over where you can get back into office by saying ' He's doing a bad job. He's no good.' It's been tried in the presidential races the last two times and the congressional races since '94."

That didn't work for kicking Clinton out either, so the "lets smear everything with shit" approach was tried - was it 'Liberals' who were 'obsessed' then? :-)

"War on Terror"

I do believe that the more elderly are now eagerly being accepted for enlistment... when are you going to show us the sincerity of your alleged convictions?

"We have the most technologically advanced military in the world."

The US (with the most technologically advanced military in the world then) got its arse kicked in Vietnam, and (IMO) will do so again in Iraq now still with the most technologically advanced military in the world (it's difficult to defeat a bull ant nest with a sledge hammer - it doesn't stop the ants in the long term, you CAN pound the crap out of the nest if that makes you feel good, though!). There were Right Wing Nutters who wanted to use "The Bomb" then, and also those still who want to do the same thing now...

The reason WHY for the invertible arse kicking is arrogant refusal to stop fantasising about the self importance of the USA to 'the destiny of the world' - you are all privileged to be living thru a rerun of 'The Last Days of The Roman Empire - Part II'.

"Somewhere I read the suggestion we should make Mexico our 51st state."

Already been beaten to that by Australia, and the FTA (F@@@ The Aussies)!

"In fact, I'd love it if somebody tried to explain why my ideas wouldn't work."

The explanation is simply this:

The simplistic mind that only sees the world in a simple black and white way is incapable of understanding (and even wanting to understand) a more subtle way of thinking in shades of grey. It's pointless even trying to show a movie in colour if all you have is a B&W tv set.

"the time for whining and complaining is over. The only way to move forward is to look to the ideas and to move on from there."

I couldn't agree with you more... but for totally antagonistic reasons as you and I see things from different viewpoints - you are inside the aquarium, and I am outside it!

Oh, BTW, Susu's Hubby

"Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"