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Posted By: Brķan
04-May-06 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Subject: RE: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
One would have to be as old as Methuselah or live in a seperatist colony to not have had one's repetoire affected by the advent of musical recordings. Most humans, not wanting to work harder than they have to learn in the most expeditious fashion available to them. If one does not have access to regular musical sessions, it isn't long before one tires of rummaging through dresser drawers looking for unlabelled cassette tapes for that odd jig or reel. It is far easier to reach for a CD where all the tunes are labelled and one can skip or repeat a tune as needed. I must say, as for the sessions I go to, ther is plenty of time to play a rare tune or unusual setting of a common tune when musicians are getting up to fill their glasses or empty their bladders. Most musicians I know would consder it an insult to tell someone they were playing a tune wrong. I believe the correct expression would be variant.