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Posted By: dianavan
03-May-06 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: RE: BS: Where are we now?
Jaze - Maybe Mexico doesn't want to become the 51st state.

Susu's Hubby - First you say, "What matters is that they are breaking the law that currently exists and they must be caught and punished. If the punishment is going back to the country from which they came, then so be it. It's the law."

Then you say, " that a law could be written that would actually be enforced."

What law could be written that is easier to enforce than the law that currently exists?

If the U.S. citizens that hire illegal immigrants at dirt wages wanted the law to be enforced, it would be enforced.

Trouble is, who would clean their toilets?

The U.S. economy could not prosper without the cheap labour of illegal immigrants.

The U.S. can't make illegal immigrants legal without paying them the same wages that U.S. citizens are entitled to.