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Posted By: Wolfgang
03-May-06 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Any form of editing action that is imposed without the originator's prior knowledge and permission is censorship. (Shambles)

Nonsense, complete nonsense. Each single book or article or letter to the editor I have ever written in my life would have been considered to have been 'censored' accroding to this definition. Each newspaper is censored at a daily basis according to this definition. The word loses all its distinctive power if it is applied so indiscriminate.

Why, for what reasons exactly and in order to protect us from what? (Shambles)

Shambles, you have a collection of all Joe Offer quotes over the last 7 years and quote from it at least once daily. In the spirit of user friendliness of this site it would be a service if you could link to the last time you have asked the same questions and would quote Joe Offers response from then. Or you could tell which part of the old response is not yet satisfactory for you.

Merely repeating a question that has been asked and responded to without giving new people the opportunity to read the old responses is quite impolite. And it gives me the impression that you are not honest with us for you lie (implicitely) about your motivation for asking the question. You ask it in a way that reminds the naive reader of a simple quest for information but since that information is already available to you lack of information is not your real motive. If you would be honest (as you claim you are in many posts; quote available) with us or with yourself you would give us another reason like
(1) I didn't like the response then or
(2) I have my fun increasing Joe Offers workload or
(3) if I get on their nerves for long enough they might prefer to change to rules to suit me.

I don't know what the real motive is, but I know you are not honest with us in your agenda.