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Posted By: Alba
03-May-06 - 07:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
Subject: RE: BS: Is closing threads censorship?
I asked for a Thread I had started to be closed Yesterday. It was.

The Thread is still there however, intact and can still be read by anyone that wants to.

I have received a PM stating that it was uncool of me to ask for my Thread to be closed.
That I had no "right" to do that.
Well a lot of people seem to have 'rights' around here, why don't I?
Seems that even Guests have rights that I don't have.

[Roger I also PMd you yesterday as to why I had asked for the Thread that I started to be closed.]

See here's the rub. (and this is only PART of my reason for asking for my Thread to be closed and I only supply this part for the purposes of a slight insight, not an explanation)

I started that Thread as a bit of fun..(won't be making that mistake around here again for a while)
My opening post on the Thread made that clear.
For a while the Thread was a tad humorous. In retrospect I should never have gone near the 'sacred' subject of Mudcat censorship and Shambles countless Threads.
The final staw on my particular Thread (which by then had gone far off my original idea) was a nasty personal attack aimed at a Member by a vicious Guest.

Do you know what is not 'cool'...well it is not cool when absolutely no-one even bothered with that Guest's cutting remarks. I mean why would anyone be upset about a bit of character ripping. Such a minor matter, but boy o boy did people get upset when they found that a couple of Threads about the Weather had gone missing! That imo is uncool.

You know Folks, Joe Offer is a hellava Guy. He takes a lot of time out of his Life for this place and the volunteers are way cool people too, they also give their time to this place.
I seriously have a lot of respect for these People.
I have never met any of them and only know who some are because they have made their names public (big mistake that IMO)
I am continually amazed by the fact that explanations for moderation and editing are supplied for the most disgruntled People, even Guests get explanations now!.
It would not be something that was done in any other Forum.
Yet even though that happens here it still isn't enough.
The Moderators continually give the rabid dogs their bare Arms to chew on!

If you are looking for someone to blame for the closing of MY Thread then the buck stops here. Right here. Right here at ALBA.
I am sure that some will take great delight in ripping my Cyber ID apart, a good excuse to vent any surpressed dislike of the Mudcat Identity known as Alba.
God knows we have many Experts in THAT field around here these days.
A whole bucket load of self appointed Judges but no Jury it seems.
If some feel the need to attempt to destroy this place with their Ego problems it would seem that they are free to do so.