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Posted By: Ebbie
03-May-06 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: RE: BS: Where are we now?
Until the moneyed people want illegal immigration to be shut down it will not. There is practically NO ONE cheaper (meaner, in the UK) than the seriously rich.
Do you have any concept of what our border looks like?

"We have the most technologically advanced military in the world." Susu's H Yes. And currently there is no one in the world who can fight us on that basis. However, there are a hundred nations that could wage a guerilla war, a war in which we can only play catch up.

"We should have the troops in place to take advantage of that fact and overwhelmingly take the victory instead of waiting for it to happen by the people who have known no rule but that of a ruthless, murderous dictator for the past 40 years." Susu's H. Remember what Dubya used to say about nation building? The only way we can create our version of a democratic republic in Iraq is if we stay there forever. And even then it would be debatable.

Oh, and do your family think they are making the USA safer and more secure? ha

"Afterall, if we take back the $400 million retirement package, how much is it going to save us? " Susu's H You miss the point. This retirement package at this point is unique. How long do you think it will be before some other lucky fella demands the same?

"Let's drill off of Florida's coast." Susu's H Jeb doesn't want them.

May 2, 2006
Juneau Empire

Here is some of what Dubya could do:

*Tell the truth
*Prove your case with evidence, not preconceptions
*Regain control over the military industrial complex
*Help America get off its addiction to the colossal military spending that supports much of our economy, but ultimately wastes our wealth on the destruction of our loved ones and those of other countries;
*Don't spend taxpayer money if you don't believe in collecting taxes
*If you do spend it, spend it on improving the lives of those who pay taxes and the society they live in
*Get private money out of political campaigns so that the public pays for their campaigns and then politicians will work for the public rather than for private contributors
*Protect the environment
*Protect our constitution and its safeguards for justice and freedom
*Obey our laws and international laws
*Do not torture
*Don't be a hypocrite
*Don't invade other countries or subvert their governments unless we've been attacked by them
*Be aware of your own fallibility
*Listen to others, be inclusive in decision making; weigh decisions carefully
*Worry about the consequences they will have on millions of people;
*Establish national health care

In brief, do things that are not on President Bush's agenda. I must be ignorant, but I'm trying to think of some positive things President Bush has done. Perhaps, a Bush believer would kindly send in a letter listing what they are.
Lisle Hebert