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Posted By: Susu's Hubby
03-May-06 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where are we now?
Subject: BS: Where are we now?
Where are we now?

There are a lot of things that I will touch on so please bear with me. I've been away for a while but pop in from time to time to check out the mood and it has seemed to be business as usual from everyone here.

Amos is still spouting his usual liberal sources and trying to justify his existence by using big words.

Bobert is still trying to use class warfare to make himself not feel guilty for doing pretty well in life when others don't have it as well as he does.

sIx, Ebbie, Donuel, and the rest of the gang are still striving to make names for themselves by regurgitating the rantings of the two above and continue worshipping the words of Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and the usual gang of liberals.

Martin, the sports lover, is still trying to show how all of their circular arguments are exactly that.

BB is still using everyday logic and common sense to live his life and enjoys using relevant examples to bury the rantings of some here.

So in other words....

I haven't missed much. But what are the hot topics today that still gets everyone's blood to boil?

Immigration, War on Terror, Oil and Gas prices, upcoming elections.

Here's my take on each one.


It seems as if there are several issues on this topic. 1st is the fact that we already have so many illegal aliens and the number is steadily increasing. On the flip side, if the government would just enforce the laws that are on the books then the issue wouldn't be what it is now. Let's enforce the existing laws before we go and try to make new ones.
This is something that really gets my goat about the Bush administration. The man, in an effort not to offend anyone, is catering to people that can't even vote for him. He's bending to people who have no respect for the laws that are on the books in the first place. Let's get the agents needed into place, then construct a fence and then round up the illegals and get them back to where they came from. This solution breaks no existing laws and even does something to prevent the permeable border that currently exists.
It doesn't matter that these people are doing jobs that no one else wants to do.
It doesn't matter that they are paying some of the taxes that our local and state governments collect.
It doesn't matter if they've been here for years and have become accustomed to the American way of life.
What matters is that they are breaking the law that currently exists and they must be caught and punished. If the punishment is going back to the country from which they came, then so be it. It's the law. I saw in another thread where someone had mentioned the Air Traffic controllers strike in the eighties. Reagan didn't fire the ATC's to bust the union. He fired the ATC's because they broke the law. (The busting of the union was more or less a fringe benefit.)
I mean, if we're gonna have the laws then let's enforce them. It may make the tree hugging environmentalists happy to know that a tree was killed for a piece of paper so that a law could be written that would actually be enforced.

War on Terror

What can I say about this that hasn't already been said? If we need to do anything different then we need to send more troops. I say this being the uncle of a marine currently serving in Iraq. He called to last week to inform me that one of his close buddies was killed by an IED and that another one of his buddies was severely injured in the same attack. Does he think that he needs to be home with his new wife?
He wants to be home with his new wife but he knows that he needs to be in Iraq to complete the job that his government has asked him to do.
I'm also the father of a 17 year old son who just enlisted into the US Army. His job? Infantry. Does this make me change my mind about the war and why we're there? NO. As a matter of fact, it boosts my belief in that why we're there is a good thing. In fact, my son believes that we should be there and knows why we should be there doing what we are doing. He's only 17 and should be looking at colleges and chasing high school girls. By him enlisting and about to enter basic training shows me that even our kids are listening and knowing what needs to be done and most importantly, have the courage to stand up and say "I want to make a difference." And actually doing it instead of throwing around useless, tired, 35 year old opinions on a blues music message board.
We have the most technologically advanced military in the world. We should have the troops in place to take advantage of that fact and overwhelmingly take the victory instead of waiting for it to happen by the people who have known no rule but that of a ruthless, murderous dictator for the past 40 years. Take the complete victory, show the new people what needs to be done and provide security while they do it, then come home. We have only taken the victory of getting Saddam out. We stopped just about a month or two too soon in my opinion.

Oil and Gas prices

Get off of big oil's back. Afterall, if we take back the $400 million retirement package, how much is it going to save us? And for how long?
Oil and Gas are traded on the open market. The market drives those prices. When the market gets rattled by the constant sabre rattling of Mr Goofy Hothead of Iran then the price will go up in preparation of tighter oil supplies. Iran is, afterall, the fourth largest supplier in the world. Let's open up new sources for drilling. Let's start up some of the old wells that are dotting the landscape of the southwest. Let's drill off of Florida's coast. China and Cuba are. Let's drill up and down the west coast. Let's drill in ANWR. Let's build more refineries so we can get more product to the consumer. Let's build more Nuclear power plants so we can ease the demand for oil and coal.
Demand is up. Oil companies are selling more inventory. It's only common sense that their profits will increase. That's the beauty of being in business. You sell more, you make more.
Sitting back and bitching about it is doing absolutely nothing. The controls set in motion by the democratically controlled house and senate in the thirty plus years prior to the '94 republican takeover is what got us into this mess. The missing spine of the Republican majority is what's keeping us there now.

Upcoming elections

Attention all liberals: Bush is not running again. There. Relax and take a deep breath. Stop bitching and whining about what he is doing and start offering genuine alternative solutions. That's the only way to get back in power. The day are over where you can get back into office by saying " He's doing a bad job. He's no good." It's been tried in the presidential races the last two times and the congressional races since '94. Where has it gotten you? A growing republican majority each and every time. Stop with the same arguments. It's time for action.

You game?
Bring it on.