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Posted By: Muttley
02-May-06 - 10:48 PM
Thread Name: What is the worst song you ever heard?
Subject: RE: What is the worst song you ever heard?
I know they've been nominated ad nauseam (probably a terribly apt term in this case, given the thread!), but:

Seasons in the Sun    and

ANYTHING by John Denver - that line in "Behind Enemy Lines" was classic - Owen Wilson's character was bemoaning the number of great bands / artists killed because of "shitty pilots" and his partner enquires "John Denver?" and Wilson hesitates and replies "Let's not get carried away!"

Paper Lace were simply AWFUL - Billy don't Be a Hero, The Night Chicago Died - OK when released but nauseating by the second time you heard them.

Den I have to confess I used to (and sort of still) like The Unicorn - but I have Brain Damage so I can be forgiven (I hope)

Kira THANKS AWFULLY for nominating The Barney Song - a purple dinosaur????? GOD I HATE that show and I despise the song. My daughter heard and taught a parody to my middle son (who's now 14) and he sang it at Kinder to the horrification of his teachers (Eryn got a telling off as well)

I love You; You love Me
Barney gave me HIV
So I took out a shotgun and shot him in the head
Oh F**k, look! Barney's dead!

In defence of Walking With Bears - a fellow catter once said she believed it was about having Alzheimer's - sort of fits and in that context it's once again, charming.

THANKS hugely to Den and Catspaw - I absolutely fell over crying with laughter at the parodies: Leprosy (Yesterday) and Honey - an X-rated 'Honey' I LOVED it!

However here's a thought on some new additions to the list:

A Windmill in Old Amsterdam: "I saw a mouse! Where? Ther on the Stairs! etc
Little White Bull
How Much is That Doggy In the Window?

ALL bloody Top Ten in their day - Just goes to prove that musical effluence is not occasional or periodic - - - it's bloody cyclical.

A final thought on another offering. Someone mentioned "Torn Between Two Lovers"
Personally I prefer the version about the guy who fell out of the bathroom window and was "Torn Between Two Louvres"
or the version about the guy unsuccessfuly crossing a motorway - - "Torn Between Two Lorries"

I think, too that 'Spaw and I have agreed on other issues in other threads - including ones similar to this one - maybe we're attracted by odd subjects.

Seeya Later All, I'll keep an eye out