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01-May-06 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Subject: RE: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Mu
Suggest that you give a little sermon before you play your first tune of the night, first telling the dears that session tunes number in the 100s of thousands and it's a shame that in recent years the uninformed have whittled the list down to 50 or less published versions and run around lecturing players that their local tune or variation "isn't right".
Then start introducing yer first tune, telling the little buggers that 'now this may sound similar to something you know, but it's not, I've been playing it since aught-six, it's called "whatever", yer welcome to bang along but it's NOT the tune you're familiar with.

Later in the evening introduce a Non-Irish tune by telling the dears that old house-ceili-ing custom included many pieces from other lands, the point is to share good music and story, not to be some kind of ethnic purity committee.

Before long you're a revered expert they fawn over like they do Mick Moloney!