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Posted By: Declan
01-May-06 - 06:44 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Subject: RE: Folklore: IPaddy Molony Commisar of Orirish Musak?
Lets get a bit of perspective here.

Firstly you appear to be generalising from a particular experience you have in your part of the US. The fact that people didn't undwerstand what you are saying is that in most places (certainly on this side of the Atlantic), the phenomenon you are discussing does not tend to exist.

If there are idiots who behave like this in your local sessions then you have my sympathies. However it is hardly down to Paddy Maloney and the boys. What they have done is to record their take on Irish Music, to market it and make it popular. In doing so they have committed what seems to me to be the biggest crime that can be committed in the folk community - they were successful.

The blame for the idiots behavior is fairly and squarely down to the idiots themselves.

I love the iPaddy idea by the way. I saw a great picture of an Orangeman in Northern Irelnd on last 12th of July in full regalia with a set of headphones in his ears. The Caption was "iProd".