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Posted By: Ragman
26-Apr-06 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: RE: Small Guitars?
Re Entry by PatQ
".. had to convince security at Dublin airport that it was indeed a guitar .."

Had a similar experience to Pat in Dusseldorf Airport in early 2005. The Ozark case is flat and rectangular and looks rather like a rifle case. I became aware that the X-ray machine had stopped, and several security personnel wer staring silently at the screen. I offered to take it out and play a tune, but they waved me through... You got one up on me there!

I have also found that when you have a long wait in an airport, you can end up with a session going... I find a quiet corner, and start to play quietly to amuse myself (with the guitar of course). People come over, listen for a while, some sit down, and some ask for a song. Some ask politely, "what is that you are playing? Is it a mandolin?" It certainly helps to pass the time.

I have to confess however that I found that the Ozark was too quiet for pubs and clubs and I sold it. I am considering upgrading to a baby Martin. Beautiful instruments, much better tone, and much louder. Just a little more bulky. Probably won't have so much fun now with airport officials...