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Posted By: GUEST,Richard Brandenburg
26-Apr-06 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: Incredible String Band: An Appreciation.
Subject: RE: Incredible String Band: An Appreciation.
How fine, adding to a thread from seven years ago; it seems just right, when I can hear the woman's voice, 36 years later.

"Amoebas are very small..."

This was the music we would put on when winding deeper into a night of tripping, when we finished running around the campus in the Missouri fall air. Taj Mahal, John Fahey, The Kweskin Jug Band, Hot Tuna, the Dead's "American Beauty", Fairport's "Leige & Lief", were all perfect earlier in the evening, when we were getting off, and heading into the night.

But we'd return to the dorm, (more than once from the astonishing illuminated William Blake edition at Lindenwood's library, which we could take from the stacks and open out on the table before us). We'd light candles, and know when it was time to put "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" onto the record player. The Incredible String Band, with their free sense of time, was the aural environment for opening to one another on a cellular level, which I am blessed to recall was the point of swallowing acid in the first place.

I can imagine how difficult it might be for someone today to "get" what the Incredible String Band might have meant to someone back then, with that sort of context of introduction; in my case, freshly away from home, opening out and inwardly, with like-minded musician friends - and feeling that Heron and Williamson were just friends we hadn't yet met. Drugs weren't strictly necessary to enjoy them, but our briefly benign world of psychedelics was profoundly enhanced by their music.

Thanks to Butterfly for her lovely post, three years ago, and the other posters who helped me refire some glorious synapses, tonight.